White Labs Yeasts Now Available

We are now the only retailer in central Iowa for White Labs Yeast. Chris and I have also agreed to be a Freshness Certification Program participating store. This means you’ll be guaranteed the following items per our agreement:

  • Offer the 68 core White Labs strains to your customers.
  • Carry only the freshest yeast possible and discard any expired yeast if not sold by its “Best By” date on the package.
  • Follow proper yeast handling practices which include keeping White Labs yeast in cold storage as soon as it is received until the moment it is sold to your customers.

White Labs has also introduced their Pure Pitch packaging. The yeast is grown in sterile flex cell bags that is then divided into the 40mL portions directly from the original bag. Thus, the yeast isn’t exposed to the outside until the time you cut it open to pitch the fermenting potential of at least 100 billion cells into your wort!

Don’t worry if you’ve always used another liquid yeast, we’ll be able to recommend a great White Labs yeast strain for your beer! For more info on White Labs Yeast