Brew Twice a Month – Citra Blonde Bombshell

wpid-20150721_140157.jpgThis time we’ve come up with a great plan for the latest special to have you Brewing Twice a Month. It’s a Citra Pale Ale with Marris Otter and 4 ounces of Citra hops. That’s right, we have Citra hops in stock. Both versions of the recipe will include the grains/extract, hops, and yeast for the amazing price of All-Grain $26.99 and Extract $37.99. We’ve even taken this one a step further and planned the next Brew Twice a Month recipe as the Platinum Blond Bombshell. She’ll be an Imperial IPA that could made by utilizing the yeast cake from this recipe special. We’re hoping to keep her as an all Citra hopped IIPA, but we’ll have to see how the Citra hops hold out.