I’d rather be brewing¬†

You know you would rather be getting to brew today also. Fortunately for you, Chris is running the store from 10am to 5pm today. If you would rather have your recipe ready for you, send us the details Beer Recipe Carryout and he try to have it waiting for you!  HOPPY BREWING!


May 27, 2016

Friday, May 27, 2016 open 12pm-6pm

Saturday, May 28, 2016 open 10am-2pm

We’re closing early on Saturday to head up to Okobogi for a long weekend with the family. We hope you have the opportunity to enjoy the holiday weekend also!



We had such a great experience brewing with Dave Coy at Reclaimed Rails on his test pilot system,¬†Ruby Street Brewing System that we just had to become a dealer. To celebrate the event, we are offering to cover the shipping cost of your new system to our store. Simply prepay for your Ruby Street Brewing System through our online store or in person at the store at 106 SW Linden St. We’ll be taking orders through May 30, 2016 and place all of the orders together on June 1, 2016. If you’re not able to pick up your system in the store, we can have it shipped to your house for only an additional $30.


Chris and I have added a curb sign to help find our location. When you get to Ankeny take 1st St to the southwest part of Ankeny to turn onto SW Linden St. Our sign and us will be to the south by about a half of a block. Hope to see you soon!


Koji mold spores and New Zealand hops

Since most of us won’t get to exotic New Zealand or Japan, we brought these interesting flavors to the Midwest for your brewing pleasure!

We got your Koji mold to make sake and 8 varieties of New Zealand hops.

Rakau – apricot with some pine
Pacific Jade – bold herbal, hints of citrus & pepper
Pacifica – classic hallertau with some citrus & black pepper
Mouteka – lemon & lime hint of tropical
Kohatu – intense tropical fruit & pine needle aroma
Waimae – intense tangelo & citrus with subtle pine
Wakatu – restrained floral & zested lime
Nelson Sauvin – distinct wine fruitiness, gooseberry, Sauvin Blanc wine



1 gallon glass jars for fermenting beer, wine, kombucha, foods, and whatever else you can some up with

Small Batch Brewing

Chris and Sheri have the supplies, equipment and ingredients to help you with all of your small batch fermenting needs. Such as beer, wine, cider, fruit juice, kombucha, foods, and whatever else you can come up with. Food and SCOBY starters will be coming soon!

We can hook you up with the prepackaged recipe kits, fill recipes of your own, or help you design recipes to your preference. We’ll freshly mill the grains to order and pull the hops and yeast from our refrigerated inventory to help you make the best product possible!