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Chris and I have been working very hard to build our online store to service our fantastic customers. You can use this service 24/7 to order your supplies for delivery ($7.99 shipping*) or order ahead to have it conveniently waiting for your pick up (FREE). It is a slow process to make the items available in the online store, so currently there is only a fraction of what we actually carry. So if you want something that hasn’t made it up yet, give us a holler and we’ll get it available as soon as possible for you.

To purchase online go to the ONLINE STORE tab of the menu.

Until February 18, 2017 use code 15%OFFONLINE at checkout to receive 15% off of your merchandise.


All the the orders to be shipped!

*Heavy or bulky items may require additional shipping beyond the standard $7.99. If your item requires additional shipping, you will be notified, and confirmation/payment will be obtained prior to shipping.

$4.99 Wyeast sale!

All in stock Wyeast Laboratories, Inc. will be $4.99 this week Feb 1 – Feb 4 (except 5335 & 5526 is $8.99)

1007 German                                   1728 Scottish

1010 American Wheat                   1768-PC ESB

1028 London                                   2007 Pilsen Lager

1056 American                                2112 Cali Lager

1084 Irish                                         2206 Bavarian Lager

1098 British                                     2308 Munich Lager

1187 Ringwood                             2565 Kolsch

1214 Belgian Abbey                      3068 Weihenstephan Wheat

1272 American II                           3522 Belgian Ardennes

1318 London III                              3711 French Saison

1332 Northwest                            3787 Trappist High Gravity

1388 Belgian Strong                      5335 Lactobacillus $8.99

1450 Deny’s Favorite                    5526 Lactobacillus Lambicus $8.99

1469 West Yorkshire

Heck at this price, brew 2 batches! Your favorite style and something new.


We’re here for beer!

Watch “Intertap Beer Taps” on YouTube

We just got our Intertap Modular Faucet by @KegKingAustralia and put it on the keezer at the store. So far, it’s just as cool as the video makes it out to be. 

Changing the regular spout to the stout spout changes the pour so much, that just have to stop in and try it out for yourself!
P.S. we’ve ordered 6 more faucets that will be here by the end of the week.

$4.99 Wyeast Packs

​Wyeast sale!

Apparently we were too busy celebrating the holidays, that we didn’t get our Wyeast Laboratories, Inc. order in time for delivery this week.
To make it up to you, all in stock Wyeast packs will be $4.99 until January 11, 2017.
Stop in to get some cheap yeasts (until the 11th) and give us your special order to add to our Wyeast order by 5pm on January 7.
Special Order Ideas:

  • 1026-PC British Cask Ale
  • 1768-PC English Special Bitter
  • 1882-PC Thames Valley Ale II
  • 1187 Ringwood Ale
  • 2124 Bohemian Lager
  • 3463 Forbidden Fruit 
  • 3278 Belgian Lambic Blend
  • 3763 Roselare Ale Blend 

Or whatever crazy idea you can come up with!