November 14, 2015

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend to brew! But you will want to get to the store early because Chris and I have to close the store early today at 4pm to speak about homebrewing at the Beer, Wine, & Food Expo beginning at 5:30pm.

If you needed something,  please contact us via email or Facebook on Sunday and we’ll be happy to meet you at the store.


To have this!

Do you know what today is? It is Stout Day. To celebrate We are offering 20% off all Stout recipes. Bring in your favorite Stout recipe – Thursday Nov 5th or Friday Nov 6th and receive 20% off. Cheers


It’s time to brew those Porters and Stouts!

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend in Iowa! To fully enjoy the weather and be ready for those long cold winter nights, you need to brew your beers now! Just think, with time on your side, how great your Vanilla Bean Porter, Bourbon barrel Stout, or enticing Winter Warmer will be when the snow is flying outside. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a recipe, we’ll gladly help you create a great one and even share the trick to bourbon barrel flavor without the barrel. Just in case you needed more incentive, CASH will be king, save 10% just by paying with CASH!!!

Chris and Sheri will be in the store this Friday from 12-6pm and Saturday 10am-5pm. Chris will also be leading an Extract Brewing class starting at 1pm. We’d love to help you make this a Hoppy Brewing Weekend!

By doing this!

Do this now!

To have this!

Enjoy this later!

Thursday, October 8 from 4-8pm


Uptown Ankeny is hosting a ladies night out this coming Thursday. Purchase a Gold Bag at any participating store for $5 and then you will be eligible for discounts or specials that evening and entered into a drawing for $100 in Uptown Bucks!

C and S Brew Supply will be offering $25 gift certificates for only $20. So this means, that the ladies can enjoy a girls night out for shopping and pick up discounted gift certificates that can be used anytime for brew supplies, equipment, and/or ingredients!


Yeast Styles






Chris and I have versed ourselves in many varieties of liquid and dry yeast that we stock. In fact, we have dry yeasts for beer in 15 varieties by Lallemand, Fermentis, and Muntons. For wines, ciders, and fruit, we have 10 dry varieties by Red Star and Lalvin. For liquid beer yeast, we carry Wyeast with 32 varieties of their core and private collection releases. We have compiled key notes about each variety to help you the brewer and us to choose the best yeast for the brew.

If you want a specific variety of yeast, please feel free to contact us for availability.


Brew Twice a Month – Citra Blonde Bombshell

wpid-20150721_140157.jpgThis time we’ve come up with a great plan for the latest special to have you Brewing Twice a Month. It’s a Citra Pale Ale with Marris Otter and 4 ounces of Citra hops. That’s right, we have Citra hops in stock. Both versions of the recipe will include the grains/extract, hops, and yeast for the amazing price of All-Grain $26.99 and Extract $37.99. We’ve even taken this one a step further and planned the next Brew Twice a Month recipe as the Platinum Blond Bombshell. She’ll be an Imperial IPA that could made by utilizing the yeast cake from this recipe special. We’re hoping to keep her as an all Citra hopped IIPA, but we’ll have to see how the Citra hops hold out.