We’ve got new ITEMS!


sweet and bitter orange peel, coriander, corn sugar, priming sugar, lactose, maltodextrin, muslin socks, Belgian Candi Sugars rock, soft, and liquid

We’ve been busy bringing in new items, increasing inventory levels of popular items, and diversifying our selection of hops, grains, and dry yeast. If it’s been a while since you’ve checked us out, this weekend would be a great chance to see what’s new and what we have to offer! Use our Beer Carryout feature to have your recipe prepared ahead of time through March 29 and you’ll get 10% off of your malts and grains.


58 varieties of pellet hops, 7 varieties of leaf hops

56 varieties of pellet hops, 7 varieties of leaf hops

57 varieties of grains

57 varieties of grains


glass and plastic carboys 3,5,6,6.5 gallon sizes, Briess LME 3.3 pound, 16 varieties of flavoring extracts, 6 varieties of liquor essences, Mexican vanilla beans


15′ and 25′ 3/8″ Copper wort chillers, StarSan, Easy Clean, PBW, beer and wine chemicals and additives, clarifiers, yeast nutrients, brushes, hydrometer, refractometer


If you’ve got a hole that needs to be plugged, we have many sizes of bungs!


FastRacks, fermenting and bottling buckets, wine bottles, 12 and 22oz amber glass beer bottles, PET amber 20oz bottles, many colors of bottle caps, corks, growlers, glass jugs, E.Z cap bottles (Grolsch style)


We are a Blichmann dealer! Sorry, but by order only.


We have been accepted as 1 of about 1700 small businesses nationwide to compete for FedExfedex‘s Small Business Grant Contest.

Please help push us through to the Top 100 businesses for a chance to be granted 1 of the 10 awards, by voting everyday until March 17. The more votes and buzz we generate the better chance we have of catching the judges attention.

If we’re lucky enough to be awarded a grant we would invest the proceeds to electrify our brew tree, add a stainless steel sink with plumbing for ease of use in the brew class area, upgrade our scale with programmable capabilities, diversify our product offerings, stock higher end brew equipment, and lastly replace our inefficient coolers.

Thank you for your support, because we can’t do it with you!

Chris and Sheri Houdesheldt



We are now a Blichmann dealer!

BoilerMaker_V_image_web_2Plug_pin_unplugged (1)

brewgun2.Hop Rocket #1


If you’ve been thinking about adding Blichmann products to your brewing/fermenting arsenal, we now are dealer. We can order any of Blichmann’s quality equipment, such as Tower of Power, BoilerMaker G2, Fermentator, Beer Gun, BoilCoil, and many accessories. We’d be happy to help you assess your needs and prepare a price quote for the equipment that would the best fit for you. We’ll be stocking some items to be able to check out in person.

Learn to Brew in a Bag! this Sunday

20140920_121420If only it would be warm enough for shorts on Sunday. However, we’ll be dreaming of Hawaii while Sheri brews a clone of Kona’s Cast Away IPA with an All-Grain recipe using the Brew in a Bag technique! Class is scheduled to start at 11:30am and there are still spots available. Tell us Aloha and get your spot reserved.


1st Monthly Beer Swap Tonight!


Tonight January 28th starting at 7:30, bring any of your home brew or any other packaged beer that you would like to trade. We’re hosting the event in store as a way for home brewers and beer connoisseurs to come together to trade beer for beer. You can trade in any ratio that works for both parties,  but NO MONEY can be exchanged in the store. Hopefully we can kick our 1st beer swap off with lots of exciting brews and we’ll see you tonight!